3 simple and fun activity ideas with kids and a whiteboard

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The school blackboard, the whiteboard in high school classrooms, the magnetic board in meeting rooms at work; boards are everywhere, have been with us for a long time, and remain one of the best ways to communicate and develop a thought with a group.

Today, we would like to present 3 small ideas for family play with a whiteboard. Let’s talk about the board first because there are a few important points to keep in mind when buying it.

  • Blackboard and whiteboard: opt for a two-sided board. Two ways to draw, write and choose colours. Two rooms, two atmospheres.
  • Adjustable in height: make sure that your board is exactly at the height of your child so that it is comfortable, but that he can also grow with it and make it evolve.
  • Magnetic: have the possibility of sticking magnets on the board. This will allow you to create games, hang notes and other accessories such as rulers or cleaning brushes.
  • With a tray: the tray under the board not only gives it better stability but it also allows you to easily store the accessories and transport them simply by carrying the whole board.

Here is an example of a board that we like (this link is neither sponsored nor an advertisement, just an example).

Now that we have our board, let’s move on to the games. We have listed 3 games for you but the possibilities are very varied.

Writing, reading, and win, lose or draw

The concept is very similar to win,lose or draw. You are drawing something, and the child has to guess. The difference is that before drawing the word, you write it on the board (except of course if your child can already read). Depending on the child’s ability to recognise letters, you can emphasise the sound of the first letter, the first syllable, etc. The child will therefore be able to connect the image and the word and will thus be helped in his learning to read.

Connect the magnets

You surely remember the drawings from your childhood which had to be linked following the order of digits. The concept is the same. Create simple designs with small magnets, and have your children connect them. Start with shapes like a square or triangle, then complicate things with numbers, letters, or simple concepts like a house.

Draw without raising your hand

Everything is in the title. Start with a simple example and draw it on the board without your child looking at it. Show it, and ask the child to reproduce the drawing without raising their hand. Laughter and difficulties guaranteed when the drawings become a little more complicated.

We hope you like these ideas. Do not hesitate to share your game ideas with us on our social networks.

And keep taking great photos.

The storykids team.

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