A simple gesture for families during confinement – storykids is free of charge in March

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In recent days, we at storykids have been discussing our contribution during this period where families are physically separated by confinement measures around the world. And we came to a very simple conclusion this morning.

Anyone who wants to send a photo album to a family member can do so free of charge and without obligation this month on storykids.

Simply use the code below inside the app and fill in your album. As usual, the albums will be printed and sent at the beginning of April (except of course if we meet difficulties with our printer due to Coronavirus).


Storykids is a small business, born from a very simple need: to share the moments of everyday life with family members who are far away and not necessarily connected. Since our creation, our (very small) team has always wanted to rely on simple values ​​such as family, honesty, the pleasure of doing things well, and faith in our mission to bring people together.

Our product is very popular with our customers and it makes us happy every month. We believe that it is by continuing to work according to our values ​​that we will be able to establish our brand over time. The decision we made is risky, we know it can be a double-edged sword for our business. But it seems natural to us today, when thousands of families are separated by an invisible virus, to make this gesture and to bring a little joy in a daily life that is not always rosy.

Storykids will be free this month, and maybe next month if necessary and if we can afford it. In order to clarify any doubts and questions, we have collected a few questions and answers below.

Send this message to your loved ones, stay at home and take care of your family.

The storykids team, Jonathan and Maxime.

Questions and answers :

Is it really free?

Yes, completely free. No need to enter your bank details, your subscription, if new, will be automatically canceled at the start of the following month.

Can I send multiple albums?

Yes, but for that you will need different accounts. We also ask you not to abuse of our codes. Our goal is to be able to allow our users to send photos to a loved one. If you print the album to keep it at home, then we would be grateful if you didn’t use any code but became a paying customer and support us in our work.

Can I use the code if I am already a customer?

Yes you can. But as stated in the previous question, only really do so if necessary.

What is the advantage for storykids?

First, knowing that what we have built so far will bring joy to multiple homes and families. The rest, we are not sure yet. As we told you earlier, although our customers love our product, it has been difficult for us to reach enough people to be profitable today. Perhaps through this gesture more people will know us and when this difficult period has passed some of the users will remain customers with us.

Is there anything I can do to help storykids?

Of course, you can decide to pay for your album without using the code, buy or offer a gift card for the next few months, give us a good review on the App Store or just talk to your friends.

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