Kids & apps – Episode 1. Back to school, the holidays are over.

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“Can I play with the tablet? Please dad, can I play with the tablet? I want to play with the tablet! I want the tablet!”. The escalation of addiction to the smartphone summarised in ten seconds and four sound levels. The introduction of kids to digital technologies make for one of the big subjects of debate in the parenting world. Too early, too late, too little, too often, parents are never sure and cannot trust a single source of truth.

At storykids, we entertain a pretty balanced view. Yes, our children will grow up with the internet at their fingertips; no, it is certainly not good for them to have a screen in front of their eyes all day long.

For the first post in our “Kids & apps” section, we are presenting 2 learning applications that we particularly like and recommend for the rainy days of January when the playground does not feel so attractive.


With LetterSchool, your child gradually learns to write and recognize the letters of the alphabet as well as the numbers. Full of beautiful animations, well organized and easy to use, the LetterSchool application is our first recommendation.

We like:

  • The ease of use and the focus on letters. LetterSchool is not cluttered with unnecessary features like many other children’s apps.
  • The care taken in the animations: they are pretty, entertaining and bring the touch of joy necessary for the child to have fun.
  • The gradual but very rapid evolution for each letter where the child finishes by drawing it by himself.

We like less:

  • The app was not updated recently and does not seem really optimised on the screen of larger phones. An application to use rather on the tablet.
  • The subscription is not too expensive but it is difficult to know what it really contains and why one pays.

We would like:

  • A mode to practice “free hand” to write letters and words
  • A “time trial” mode where the child hears the letters and has to write them one after the other

Visit the letterschool website here: https://www.letterschool.org/

Montessori preschool

The Montessori Preschool plays in the category of the most complete applications, the heavyweights of small children education. It contains tons of activities and is updated very often.

We like:

  • The diversity. Whether it is the characters, the activities or the sets, the application is thought out with diversity in mind.
  • The quality of activities. Often applications of this type play on the volume but do not pay attention to the quality, this is not the case with the Montessori Kindergarten.
  • The possibility to use it in several languages. Perfect for bilingual children who can play the same games in different languages.

We like less:

  • The subscription. We understand of course that a company must finance itself and be able to invest in the development of its product. Here, the price seems very high for a large number of households, which contributes to limiting access to these solutions to the wealthiest families.
  • The lack of overview. It is sometimes difficult to navigate through the application.

We would like:

  • A guide. Whether it is through a calendar or perhaps an exercise list system, it would be interesting to have a common thread that helps the child and the parent to really evolve with the product.
  • A lighter subscription, based why not on lower consumption (in time) but with full access to the game library.

Visit the Montessori preschool website here: https://montessori.edokiacademy.com/en/

Have fun if you decide to test these 2 applications. And in the meantime, continue to take great pictures.

The storykids team.

Why a “Kids and Apps” section? Our team has worked for many years in the world of smartphones and applications, so we thought that we could use our experience to help you find useful apps for your child. Whether it’s the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, we believe that there is still a lot to do to allow a real search for content dedicated to children (we will write a separate post on this subject). So we choose different applications that we test with our children. We are looking at the positive, the negative and what could be improved.

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