Kids & Apps – Episode 2. These apps will make photos and videos even more fun.

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As you know, at storykids, we love photos and we believe that children offer dozens of opportunities to take photos each day (ask all new parents how many photos they take per day). For this post we have decided to offer you a small compilation of applications that allow you to improve your photos or videos, have fun with your children or simply print and manage your library. Try them out and tell us if you know of others.

Edit your photos

Baby Story – enrich your photos with special baby stickers and frames


Photo of pregnancy, photos “sooo cute” or first birthday. The Baby Story app allows you to add all kinds of details to your pictures. We like the fact that the app doesn’t force you to take a subscription unlike many others.

Enlight Photofox – edit your photos like a pro


The Enlight collection is our favorite suite of photo and video apps. Huge capabilities in a clear and simple design and lots of tutorials to help you create mind-blowing effects.


We searched for good children’s filter apps and found that there are very few and the only ones that exist are pretty bad. But it is possible to have fun with videos and special effects. If you have children a little older then do not hesitate to test the super power fx app.

Super Power FX – Superheroes


You want superpowers. So here is the app. Lasers and fireballs will allow you to illustrate grandiose fights.

Print your pictures



You do not know it? It’s a great application that allows you to print a photo album of your 30 best family moments each month and send them to Grandpa and Grandma.

Innocence Paris


Magnificent albums with real care and quality as we like. The price goes with it though, so our recommendation: make the album grandma each month with storykids and make your travel / wedding / yearly albums at Innocence.

Organize your library

Gemini cleaner


50 identical photos per day from the day of birth, does that speak to you? With this application you can make space in your image library and remove duplicates.

1s everyday


Save a second each day of your life. An original way to go back and keep precious moments.

So, don’t hesitate to try these apps and let us know what you think. And if you know others, share them with us on our social networks.

See you soon,

the storykids team.

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