Once upon a time… storykids

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It may become a fairy tale, or a fable with a particularly good moral, or even an almost cruel story told in the manner of the Brothers Grimm. We do not yet know what destiny holds for us, but what is certain is that we have gone on an adventure.

It all starts in Berlin

Our story has its roots in Berlin, the place of residence of our four main protagonists, who have known each other for a few years and decided to make the jump. But it also happens every day, in every parent’s pocket, where thousands of photos are captured, locked up, isolated, just waiting to be looked at; it happens in the mailboxes of grandmothers, waiting patiently for the family mail bringing news of the recently born little angel; and it happens daily in everyone’s home, on the beaches, on the sports fields, on the way to the park or around the meal. Our story is the story of everyday family moments, those simple but important ones, we want to enjoy longer.

Made to be simple

storykids was born to help parents easily preserve and share the best moments of their children growing up. In contrast to the incredible quantity of digital images captured in no time, we want to offer the calm and beauty of a paper moment, a selection of photos printed in an album to share. Whether it is for Grandpa, for Grandma or just for mom and dad, the storykid photo book will find its place amongst the precious memories of your family. The idea is very simple: each month, select 30 photos from the best shots of day to day life; we take care of the layout, the printing and shipping to the recipient of your choice. Voilà, magical.

But let’s go back to our story because storykids is more than that. storykids is a brand created by cousins, sisters, uncles, (actually one) dads (but no mom yet). For us, storykids is a guardian of childhood, hence our name. We are here to accompany the story of your children, day after day. Today we print albums, tomorrow our product range will be much more complete, with other items that will charm young and old. But for that, we still have some chapters to write.

Follow our adventure

The current chapter is our introduction, the one where we have to set the story and make sure that you, our readers, are interested. For this, we also sow some clues on our social networks, as Hansel does with his bread crumbs, they will allow you to follow us and find us every day. On Instagram, or Facebook, we share tips for parents, kids moments, or behind-the-scenes looks at our theatre stage, the storykids company. So do not hesitate, and join us on your favorite network.

And our 4 heroes in all this? We will tell you more about each one in an upcoming post. In the meantime, if you want to see what they look like, visit our Instagram account and discover Céline, Alex, Maxime and Jonathan.

We hope you will enjoy the journey with us. See you very soon.

The storykids team.

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