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When do my relative receive the magazine?

We do our best to send your magazines as fast as possible. 

On the first business day of the month, we make sure all magazines are printed and send them with your delivery method of choice.

Generally, one can expect the magazine to be received within 10 business days.

How many pictures can I add to my album?

You can upload up to 30 pictures to your monthly album. We will print the album as long as it contains at least one picture.

Which quality do I need for the pictures?

Today‘s mobile phones usually take good enough pictures to print into our albums. However if you receive an external image, if you edit it or simply take a blurry image, it could be that it does not look great.

We do our best to adapt our layout to the size of your pictures so we do not set any minimum. 

Please make sure the pictures you upload to Storykids have a good enough quality.

But also, do not worry. There is a new album each month and you can always do better next time!

What are the specifications of the album?

Our albums have the size of a comic book: 18*26cm

They are printed on high quality coated paper. The cover paper is 250gsm and the photo paper is 135gsm. 

The album has a total of 40 pages including your 30 pictures.

Storykids App

On which devices can I use storykids ?

Storykids is available on most devices with a web browser.

On Apple iOS devices we provide an application which you can download on the App Store (iPhone and iPad).

On other devices and in particular Android devices, you can access storykids via our web application at https://app.storykids.com. 

Which payment options do you support?

Today we support mastercard and visa. 

We will soon support as well Apple Pay.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In order to cancel your subscription, just go inside the app and cancel under the menu subscription. You can also send us an email.

Shipping and Delivery

To which countries can I send my magazine ?

We ship almost all over the world. If you country is not listed please contact us!

Can I send the album to myself?

Of course you can! Soon we will also offer the possibility to send the album to multiple people from one account. 

Can I send the album to multiple persons?

Yes, but right now you would have to create separate accounts. We will soon introduce the possibility to buy a package to send to multiple people.

My relative didn't get the album. What can I do?

Contact us via storykids.com/support or send an email to support@storykids.com with the email you use for your account. We will check and get back to you.