The storykids album

Tell me, happiness in 30 pages, what does it look like?

Insert_beautiful_album_picture_here. Ooops, we forgot.

More seriously, you can imagine that the answer to this question was going to be a pretty picture of our album. Because indeed it is our star; it is to print it every month that we work at storykids. So we would like to introduce it in more details and at the same time answer some of your questions.

Your photos first

We love our album, but the real stars, the ones you want to watch every day, the ones that will make Grandma and Grandpa laugh and cry at the same time, are your photos. We made the choice to print one photo per page, for the sake of simplicity and to make room for each photo and its associated comment.

Our software automatically detects the size and orientation of your photo, as well as the size of your comment. Using this data we have more than 40 layout possibilities of a page that allow us to vary your album when you flip through it.

On each page, we note the date of the photo and illustrate the background with one of the storykid shapes. And if you look page after page you will see that the shapes follow each other. Subtle no?

The quality of a book, the format of a magazine

When we started working on storykids, we had no idea of ​​the paper world. And when our printer told us about printing techniques, types of paper, weights and other bindings, we felt a bit like a mix between a grandpa in front of a Linux computer and a child in front of an ice cream shop. We did not understand anything but we were fascinated and excited.

After many tests, we decided on a format, a paper, a binding and a type of printing. 3,2,1, drum roll:

  • the format: we chose the format of the comic book. 18cm * 26cm. Easy to browse, it is convenient, does not take up too much space on the table but leaves plenty of room for each photo. And thanks to our customised envelope, it fits perfectly in the mailbox without bending.
  • the paper: the cover is printed on 250g paper, and each page on 170g paper. This allows us to print intense colors without you seeing the photos through each side, but keep the album light as a magazine
  • binding: PUR. We chose the strongest flexible binding. It allows us to offer you a light album that will keep its quality in length. And thanks to that we can offer you a price ratio very rare, or even unequaled, on the market.
  • type of printing: Indigo or Inkjet. We chose Indigo. It’s beautiful, simply.

The storykids design

We love your photos, and we love our brand. We want every album to be unique. That’s why we tried to integrate the identity of storykids in our albums while leaving room for your photos.

On each cover, you will notice the presence of a different illustration. They are created exclusively for storykids, in partnership with the illustrator Stephen Cheetham . (pssst, a little secret, we made tattoos for children and we plan to start selling them in posters). Each month we add a small introductory text on the first pages. It is written by our team and we hope it will enhance the reading of the album. And if you do not put enough pictures in a month, you may be lucky enough to see our little pirate.

Quite a lot, right? And there are still many details, which we will talk about in future posts. For example, our new covers for the year 2020, our carbon neutral print in partnership with reforestation projects or our secret ideas to make your albums even more beautiful.

Keep on taking beautiful pictures, and see you very soon.