Taking care of our elders – 3 Ideas to improve communication with older family members.

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Hello Grandma, I’m just calling to check that all is well?

The coronavirus is there, that’s a fact. Without taking sides on the proportion of the epidemic, the virus reminds us to take care of our elders while pushing us to distance ourselves physically from them (the risk being to infect them while visiting). This imposed distance is however not very different from the one experienced by thousands of elderly people every day. They are isolated by the physical distance from their family, children and grandchildren, by the access to communication technologies as well as by the change in our society where inter-generational links are weakening day by day.

At storykids, we are almost all expatriates and used to living with this type of distance. So here are some ideas from us to help you clear the miles, even if only for the duration of a phone call.

Take news, often

Even if it’s just to find out how Grandpa and Grandma are doing, getting regular updates is a simple gesture that you just need to transform into a habit. We are able to refresh our Instagram feeds more than 10 times an hour, but often it is difficult to dial that number and just say hello. As if this conversation was going to rob us of those precious minutes we could use to procrastinate. So go ahead, pick up the phone, ask Granny to describe her day, ask if all is well at her place, it doesn’t take more than that to be there.

One for all! All for one

Yes it is true that the more the family grows, the more difficult it is to keep in touch with everyone. Priorities are rooted in everyday life, technology takes over, and slowly Grandpa and Grandma receive calls only for their birthday, grandmothers’ day or to say thank you for the check sent for Christmas. This is where the family network is useful and must be active. In the family, there is no need for everyone to take care of everyone, but to ensure that no one is left behind. Siblings can share the task of sending bouquets of flowers, cousins ​​can have a different proximity to the different grandparents. All you need is good communication and everyone feels included and above all, not forgotten.

Share moments & memories

Of course that is why storykids was born and we believe that the memories that remain allow us to forge strong ties between family members. Whether it is a digital photo frame, an album such as storykids or simply a letter or postcard, we recommend that you share moments through a medium that is physical and that remains beyond the simple act of sharing (such as a whatsapp message) . This is also how the older ones of us, more often lonely, can participate and feel closer to the family.

Those are our 3 tips to take care of the older family members who may be a little far away. We even believe that they are valid for all family members. And if you can, nothing beats a visit, no matter how short it is.

Thank you.

The storykids team.

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