What is the connection between drinking water in Kenya and the storykids photo album?

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The answer? Project 1075. But let’s come back to that.

When we started storykids, it was important for us not only to create a quality product, but also to develop a business and a culture based on values ​​such as eco-responsibility, togetherness and family. It was therefore natural to try and transport these values ​​in our main product, the storykids album.

We already told you about our superhero printer, well once again he was going to play an important role. In our first discussions, we talked about the fact that we would like to work on an eco-responsible product. Far from looking down on us, our printer presented us with several alternatives to accomplish this and we chose to set up two things.

Paper and sustainable forestry

Our raw material is paper, and that’s where we wanted to start. We therefore decided to look at the available sources and to use solely paper from forestry operations working in a logic of sustainable development and eco-responsibility. Our printer works in partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council and ensures that our paper meets our wishes.

Visit the fsc website here: https://www.fsc.org

The FSC logo
The FSC logo you find printed at the end of our albums

CO2 compensation and project 1075

The second thing we have in place is offsetting the CO2 emissions of our printing process. Through a partnership with ClimatePartner, we are funding a project of our choice with sustainable development as a priority. This is how we decided to sponsor the project numbered 1075. This project helps families in Kenya with access to drinking water, allowing not only an improvement in sanitation, but also a reduction in the use of wood used to heat non drinkable water.

Visit the Climate Partner website here: https://www.climatepartner.com

More information about our project here: https://fpm.climatepartner.com/project/details/1075

We are still a small business, and our impact is probably neither really negative nor really positive. But we believe that these values ​​must be included very early in the culture of a company, and that little by little, it is the accumulation of these little things that will lead to lasting changes in our society.

Continue to take great photos and have a great time with your family.

See you soon, storykids.

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